Via Italia – Italian Cooking Workshop

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What is it ?

We Indians blindly pick Italian if we have to pick a international cuisine favorite.  But we still are not very comfortable cooking beyond a pasta at home, and stick to store bought sauces. A beginners Italian  Cooking workshop for an Urban Indian Kitchen where we talk for hours about the basic nuances of Italian Cuisine, everything from scratch, so that it becomes as basic to you as Indian cooking. We promise you will be more confident, and even more excited to go cook at home as soon as you are done with this workshop. 

Who is it for ?

Do you love Italian food, and keep wondering, if its that difficult to make it as nice as the restaurants a home, are the ingredients too different, what are the things you need in your pantry to put together a quick and nice pasta for your kid, make your own pizza, the best sauces at home from scratch, this class is for you, seeing it, discussed to the core, no question is silly, and we talk of it all keeping an indian kitchen in perspective

It will be a hands on workshop, we will be making 6 dishes, with lots of tips and tricks, so it’s great for anyone who wants to adapt Italian Cooking.

What will be covered ?

Pasta / Pizza Basics:

Different types of pasta and what can be made out of it, and what can be made from scratch at home. 

Ingredients | Utensils : 

Pantry Basics | Utensils Required | Miscellaneous | Where to Shop | How to store 

Basics : 

Important Beginner Tips and Techniques | How to learn on your own | Hands on experience 

6 Basic recipes of pasta, pizza, handmade pasta, lasagna, sauces, and a dessert, picked in consultation with the batch. Our previous batches have learnt recipes like Pizza from scratch, red and white pasta sauces, pizza sauce, lasagna, tiramisu, pannacotta, homemade pasta, pesto

What you need ?

All the materials and the recipe booklet will be provided. Come with a good appetite, a big box to take home what you cook. Come with lots of questions, and go back with a lot of knowledge and confidence to kickstart your Italian cooking journey. 

When: First Wednesday and Third Saturday of Month 10 am – 4 pm
Batch: 3-5 students per batch.
Where: Pinch of Happyness Studio, Rohan Jharoka, Yemlur.
Fees: Rs.1500 per person

Call for Current Batch

For next class enquiries please mail at


Whatsapp at 9880413641

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