Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Almond Clusters


These Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate Almond Clusters will become your favorite party gift, and will make you a star among your friends this Diwali. Pack them in transparent pouches, and put a pretty tag with your friends name and i promise few will be excited like kids. And to top it, they are healthy, its just dark chocolate and almonds! 

Actually its not even a recipe here, its so so quick to put together that its a joke, but oh so lovely that you will definitely try it out. Just make sure you get good quality almonds, definitely toast them, and get good quality chocolate. And its a no fail gifting option. 

This recipe yields around 30 clusters. 


  • 175 gm almonds
  • 225 gm dark chocolate
  • Flaky Sea Salt
  • Dark Brown Sugar


  1. Toast almonds in the oven for 10-15 minutes by laying it in a tray in a single layer, and set aside.
  2. Keep a 9*13 inch tray lined with parchment paper ready. 
  3. Cut the chocolate into small pieces, and place it in a microwave safe bowl. 
  4. Melt it in the microwave in 20 secs intervals, stirring in between. 
  5. When the chocolate is completely melted (2 minutes), add 1/4 tsp sea salt into this, and mix.
  6. Now add the toasted almonds into the chocolate and mix. 
  7. Once mixed, spoon clusters of 5-6 almond in the ready tray leaving a little space in between to let the chocolate scatter. 
  8. Now sprinkle some sea salt over the cluster, and some sugar(optional).
  9. Leave it aside for an hour, or keep it in the freezer for 10 minutes to speed the process, yes I am impatient. 
  10. Packs many clusters in parcels and tag them and you have pretty gifts ready. 


  • If you are melting chocolate for the first time in a microwave, make sure your pieces are tiny, so that you don’t struggle with it for long. 
  • These are pretty giveaways for kids birthday parties too. 
  • You can use regular salt too, but sea salt gives it another dimension. 

This Recipe is inspired by one of my greatest baking inspirations Sally’s Baking Addiction, but the quantities are different as i wanted more chocolate in every bite, and i thought a little salt in the chocolate worked better. 

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