Mumbai Food Trip : A walk down memory Lane!

Am sure i must have mentioned my 2 food loves, one is Foodgawker and the other is CaL (Chef at Large) . I have this fren Aparna in the group, who was d reason why i agreed on the sudden bombay trip plan, and off course bombay can lure me any day, so i was all set to do a food trip, CaL frens meet in bombay. In the beginning i was a little apprehensive about the whole trip as i was gonig to meet everybody for the first time ever, but i had met Mona once, and the love affair between me and bombay never seems to fade, and i was all geared up for a fun filled trip ahead. And yeah it was.. 
KB had come to bangalore 2 days ahead of our flying day to mumbai, and it turned out to b a good ice breaker before i try jelling well with the rest of the gang! We had a gupshup filled lunch in Sindabad, the buffet lunch place in the workplace food court, and how can i forget the awesomeness wala bikanerwala sweets he got for me! it was moti choor ke laddoo and dhoda.. ๐Ÿ™‚ it was bliss, i have a very nice group of colleagues, and i couldnt resist not feeding them the awesome sweets, and man they were hogging, iam so proud to have dil se khane wale people all around me! I literally had to ask them to stop, ki leave some for the evening snacks time! yeah for foodies , sweets can be consumed as snacks as well ๐Ÿ˜› and they easily agreed. 
In the evening me, aparna and kapil went for dinner to Sunny’s a nice fine dine rest serving, continental, italian et all food. .. it was one more random chitchat session and oh buoy!  it was fun… the tempura fried lotus stems, the ravioli, the spinach and mushroom lasagna, baklava and creme bruelle…and not to forget the raisins and brandy roasted chicken with mashed potatoes. 
KB had to go to chennai the next day, and we had to wrap up our work to get set for the mumbai trip, and the day came, i had made my favoritesttt anda curry chawal that night, KB didnt have it, i thought he was too full with the ragi dosais he had had on his way back, but what i realized the next day was, it was a thursday and he doesn’t have eggs on thursdays! well whats done is done, the next day me and KB boarded the same flite, me had my fav omlete toast in the airport and KB had his fav bessibele bhath.. KB is super hilarious, all the while we wanted to b sure if the indigo air hostesses has false hair! well iam sure they do! 
Then there was no stopping, we reached the airport and food hogging started. Will not go into the chit chat details coz it was too much to handle for myself but food yeah, i should talk about it ๐Ÿ™‚ 1st pit stop was the balaji restaurant outside the mumbai airport , and food lined up was : plain dosa, masala dosa, dahi vada, filter coffee. Asusual all was good, chotu south indian restaurants in mumbai can never go wrong can they !
Once we all got together, given everybody had different flight timings, we took cabs to Colaba, home to heritage mumbaiya food, breakfast, kheema pav, the legendary leopold, canon, and a lot more. Give our time constraint we could not do all but we managed to fulfill a few of our cravings. One thing we all were clear about was, none of us wanted to fine dine! we wanted to have the real-food, what mumbai is known for, or atleast what colaba was known for, for that day. We wnet to olympia for lunch, and oh buoy! it was disappointing, the place springing with all things non vegeterian aromas, the end result wasnt that enticing, together all the non veggies, gave the food a thumbs down, on the contrary, the veg food was decent enough, nothing to die for! but well it was fine.. the falooda was bad! , the caramel custard was badd! overall a disaster! so we are all sure now that olympia is only famous for its kheema pav and nothing else!

For some funny reason , everybody crashed into their beds in the evening,but me and KB were just not intrested in sleeping, we were not there to sleep were we! We went to find out the canon pav bhaji, its 2 circles befind the mc donalds in front of the churchgate station. Its one of the manyy food spots on that road, where u find everything, dosa, dabeli, vada pav, chat, and yes our fav, canon ki pav bhaji! The aunty serving the pav bhaji was soo charming, i have a pic of her too! What a pav bhaji… we had 2 plates of that.. got 2 packed for folks back in the rooms. Then we headed to have the crystals wali kheer and got the rest of the food for dinner packed from crystals itself, what bliss!!!!! crystals ki kheer, the dal makhani, the bhurji, the bharta… what heavens cant do to u … crystals food can!

Next day we went to kayanis for breakfast, its supposedly a old school  parsi / irani brakfast joint, where one cant stop ordering food, well thats exactly what happened to us, the most juicy baked bean and crunchy on the out and milky soft in the inside toasts! heaven! .. then the bulls eye eggs, the cold mutton sandwich, the baked beans with scrambled eggs, aah not to forget the cinnamon topped irani chai, the custard , the grilled cheese veg sandwich, the fish chops with fries, the black coffee.. and the parsi omlette, the place is known for its fresh cream cakes, but we were too full to try one of them but i cud not resist peep into on of those drool worthy choco cake in the table next to us ๐Ÿ˜› … sorry i know thats bad manners!!

Then it was shopping time, in linking road, aah the anklets, the bracelets, the junk, the glitz ๐Ÿ˜› the best was all of us were instantly wearing what we were buying ๐Ÿ˜› We had the ganna juice round the corner, kudos to that mans mind, all a woman wants after a hectic shopping is something cold as ganna juice to recharge herself ๐Ÿ˜› yes it works… beautifully, i was back in form from the shop just next to the juice wala ๐Ÿ˜› 
Then we relaxed in the bru brew world cafe, with lots of things to drink, well i was busy in the usha concept sewing shop ๐Ÿ˜› so all i know was that thier lychee ice tea was not bad ๐Ÿ˜€ … we packed ourselves some awesome rolls from the sardarji around the corner and we did regret that we ordered way less!
Evening was the mostttt looked forward dinner of the trip, dinner at Medhas place, well the dessert queen, a lavish parsi dinner spread by the dalals, and the virally famous desserts by medha! the foood was awesome.. 
Starters were : corn and cheese balls, mushroom canapes, mutton cocktail kebabs, mini chicken farchas. 
Mains : Lagan nu ishtu, veg pulav, bread rolls, kachumber with limbu, baingan ravaiyya, masala nu daar, jardalooma murghi, lagan nu gajar meva nu achar, gos no pullao, partra ni machchi, bheja na cutlets

Desserts : Lagan nu custard, the famous masterchef australia 7 layered chocolate mouse dessert, and vanilla mouse / cheesecake with lemon curd!

Whatta party it was, awesome guitar by Sam! and crazy dancing.. and lots of vodka, tequila, and sprite and what not! 

Next day morning we had d bestest aloo parathas for breakfast from the ymca canteen, super cheap and the bestest.. it was about time for the trip to end, and how could we miss Leopold Cafe, amidst all the colaba shopping, and gateway walk ,and photography, we managed to go for lnuch to leopold, and what an experience! The food : lamb shops with caramelized onions and fries, ceaser salad (the best i have had so far!), Mediterranean salad, maska pav, black coffee, pad thai noodles with loads of chilli and garlic, egg sandwich, and fresh lime soda.. hope i haven’t forgotten anything!! This followed by some more junk shopping on our way back.

On our way back , i had to make harjeet try the kulfi from kulfi center in chowpatty junction after charni station. I had already tasted it with my cousin Arjun the day before. 
The trip ended with some yumm pakodis made by my junior Ramas mother in law. I really missed having vrindavans fruit custard, thakkars grilled sandwich, dahi papdi and thepla.. but one can have only as much in a short trip ๐Ÿ˜› all for the next times… whatta trip.. ๐Ÿ™‚ oh and i missed having dabeli! 
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