Bucking Bronco : Sip and go Naked

“He was a wise man who invented beer”
– Plato

What a saying i must say.Saturday night fever, beleive me if you wish to go crazy on a saturday night this ones gonna be a hit, Garg went crazy, and i really thought that oh my God Shatbhi basu is actually right with her words, and the name to the drink is so apt. She called it bucking bronco, which i later interpreted why. This Bucking Bronco, a beer and vodka drink is so apt!
I hate beer, cant stand the smell of it. Here i must not forget to mention a story about the first time i tried beer, i was the one who pressurized Garg that i want to taste beer, and when finally he got me one, well according to me he had got me a real light one possible from that store, Kingfisher premium, and then i almost vomit it out, and throw the rest of it in the loo, i don’t even allow him to drain it in the wash basin telling him it would stink :D, and to top this all i don’t let him drink it too , the reason, well how can i let him drink something that stinks so much , :)). So that was me some 4 years back, and here I am with all the gyan about drinks and stirring up some interesting drinks for him now and then. But the whole mixology is fun, i must say.

Bronco, is a term used to refer to an untrained horse or one that habitually bucks. It may refer to a feral horse that has lived in the wild its entire life, but is also used to refer to domestic horses not yet fully trained to saddle, and hence prone to unpredictable behaviors, particularly bucking. Now you know why its called bucking bronco rite, and the aptness of the tagline to it:)
How you make it:

Freeze a mug that kicks for 15-20 mins. Pour 5-6 cubes ice.
Squeeze in some lime, a little sugar syrup, and a spot of gingerale and shake it.
Pour in a little vodka 30 ml, and then top it up with some beer, best suggestion, the mexican one, Corona Extra, it zings it up completely, the ice n lime, and there you have.. bucking bronco sip and go naked…

Some more beer cocktails by shatbhi basu that you can try:

Shandy, beer and lemonade, just a little bit- softest but crispest one… refresh d beer, perfect when you are out in the sun on a poolside .. beach … cut alcohol and make it refreshing

beer and gingerale works really well.. adds a spice… this is nice spicy shandy …

Cola… trust her on this one… muddy shandy… as it turns it completely muddy… rounds it off in some manner… honestly thats what d cola does to it…

Enjoy your beer cocktails this weekend and on the weekends to come 🙂

Some beers facts related to health: Source Wiki – the savior

The moderate consumption of alcohol, including beer, is associated with a decreased risk of cardiac disease, stroke and cognitive decline.
Is known to be a rich source of nutrients; therefore, as expected, beer can contain significant amounts of nutrients,including magnesium , potassium, vitamin B etc.
A 2005 Japanese study found that low alcohol beer may possess strong anti-cancer properties.Another study found nonalcoholic beer to mirror the cardiovascular benefits associated with moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages. However, much research suggests that the primary health benefit from alcoholic beverages comes from the alcohol they contain.
It is considered that overeating and lack of muscle tone is the main cause of a beer belly, rather than beer consumption.
A recent study, however, found a link between binge drinking and a beer belly. But with most overconsumption it is more a problem of improper exercise and overconsumption of carbohydrates than the product itself. There is conclusive evidence that heavy and prolonged consumption of alcohol leads to liver disease including cirrhosis and malignancy. Heavy alcohol consumption has also been linked to pancreatitis.

Here goes some beers garg has tried and suggests: (in descending order of his choice)
Corona Extra(Mexican – a swig of lime is a must with this beer)
Guinness(the stout ones)
Kingfisher Premium lager

Well the fact remains that after he has tried corona he has never gone for any other.

So this was my Day 8 run into the marathon, iam the lazy bee here. The others are up with:

Srivalli made my fav Rava Upma for breakfast.
Raaga has the soup!
Arundathi has Chana Masala and roti ready for lunch!
Ranji has some amazing Mango Kulfi waiting for you.
Divya made some spicy Chilli bajjis for snacks!
Have a blast at nite with Siris Sunshine Punch
And yeah Dhivya has Rajma Chawal for lunch.
and of course my bucking bronco. And this will b updated .. more to come..

Isnt it amazing a whole day meal courses ready for you.:) Ah what a weekend, wish this could b parceled to your places too.

Happy weekend people!!

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