Besan Cheela / Chilro Recipe


Besan Cheela, our very own indian pancakes are made of gram flour, and are had as breakfast and even as a snack. Known by different names in different states, Besan Cheela in North of India, Chilro in Gujrat/sindhi, Kadalai MAvu dosai in South of india, and may be a few more variations that iam not aware of. Cheela is also a street food in Calcutta and some places in UP. Beautiful variations with lip smacking chutneys like Garlic chutney and pudina chutney to go with it, its a very versatile and healthy food. 
As you all know, recently i joined my job at Oracle and its been a roller coaster ride, well i cannot crib much as i was looking forward to get back to work as soon as possible. I have never been used to sitting idle, hence came this blog, and then this job. The work environment is good, and I am getting to learn a lot, and the best part is me n hubby dear have new and interesting stuffs to discuss post job hours. Hence we keep looking for wholesome breakfast/dinner options that can be made in a jiffy.  Besan Cheela comes to our rescue then.
Besan Cheela have been my favorite since college days when a friend from UP had taught me how to make these and how do they eat them, otherwise i never knew what are these, this seemed something similar to our southindian adais / kadalai mavu dosais (minus the veggies) but was a pleasant change. Since then i have been a fan of cheela, have had many variations and loved it even more every time.
Hence, i tried Medhaas Chilro, ‘the quick n simple, healthy comfort food’ my only variation was i added some vegetables to it, like grated carrot, red and green capsicums finely chopped, spring onions and some chat masala and pickle oil for that tang, enjoy this quick cheela as breakfast, lunch or dinner, with some pickle and curd as accompaniments. I have recently discovered a kickass garlic chutney in the streets of Calcutta, which are a match made in heaven for Cheelas! If you are ever in Calcutta don’t forget to give it a try. 
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