Baking Basic Tools and Equipments

Basic Tools & Equipments (1)

When i started baking i had no clue what were the basic baking tools and equipments one would need, what looks fancy, and what actually come to use. Hence i have tried to put up a list of basic equipments essential to stock up before you start your baking journey. This list contains the bare essentials, not including the good to haves that you can live without. Since baking is already a little daunting to most of us, don’t get overwhelmed at the baking aisle, start with the basics, get a hang of it, and then slowly buy stuffs when you understand the need for it, and will actually buy it. 


measuring cupsliquid-measurewhiskspatula

A hand mixer, like the one shown in the picture available on Amazon, needed to beat / mix the cake batter / frostings, is a worthy investment. Even though, in some cases like a brownie a hand whisk is enough, but for lighter cakes / cupcakes and frostings, a hand mixer gets essential. I use a stand mixer, but for beginners, its expensive and not essential, a hand mixer serves the purpose well.

Measuring Spoons and Cups are most essential to start baking, baking is all about precisions, this set by Progressive on Amazon is my favorite. It has measures like 1/8th cup, 2/3 cup etc, which comes very handy in home baking when we want to work on small batches. Also i suggest keeping 2 sets, one for wet, another for dry ingredients, or develop a habit of measuring dry ingredients before wet. A liquid measuring cup like this one from Pyrex on Amazon

A Whisk, like this Cielo Whish on Amazon, is another essential while baking, for example, to whisk your eggs, or quickly mix your dry ingredients. 

Silicon Spatula is important to make your life easier, the main reason why we find baking overwhelming is coz we dont have the right tools, with the spatula, its no longer a messy job, its quick and so convenient to mix, and emply your batters, leaving your mixing bowls clean and easy to wash. This White Pave set of Spatula on Amazon has a spatula, brush and scraper.


Baking Pans / trays , a few basic ones are good for getting you started. Like this Alda Baknig Tray, a 6 pc muffin tray, get basic round aluminium pans from your local baking tools shop, or this set of 3 springfoam pans. A silicon mat, is good to have for non stick, baking, but not necessary in the beginning. 

Parchment paper like this Oddywraps Parchment on Amazon will be your friend in every bake you do, keep them handy, and have backups, you will not know when they finish. Oven gloves like these set of two on Amazon. Another this, i cannot bake without is a cooking spray, which you will find in most of your gourmet food stores like Natures basket or foodhall. Prepping your pan is a breeze with it, and you will love it. Well whats not there on Amazon, here you go, a cooking spray.

Bench Scrapers, Used to loosen dough, chocolate, from work surface, score scones, cut bread doughs, and transfer nuts or chocolate into a bowl. What i see online are the expensive ones, not worth the investment in the beginning, you get very reasonable ones in local baking tools shops. 

Pastry Brushes, Come in a variety of sizes, used for buttering pans and applying egg wash on your breads, or pies, generally comes as a set with the spatulas. 

Pastry Bag and Tips, Essential for decorating cakes, you get sets with bags and tips, and also disposable pastry bags. 

Mixing Bowls, you will need 5-6 of them assigned separately for your baking needs, for measuring ingredients separately, and mixing, and transferring, you can use the regular microwaveable bowls from your nearby supermarket, if you have a little more, you don’t need to keep washing in between your bake. 

Will soon add another post to brief on more advanced tools and equipments to make baking more fun. 




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