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Hi there from Swati, (Swati Raman Garg as the online world knows me), the creator and the Gatekeeper at The Food Saga. A Born Leo, i love cooking, inspired by 100s of wonderful cooks around me, all things food give me a high. A tam-brahm born and brought up in jamshedpur, the most multicultural environment i have ever found, food for me was never tamil or punjabi or bengali or bihari, and since then all cuisines intrigue me.

 I loved my startup jobs and that digging into data and developing products but what kept me sane amidst all that is that therapeutic baking session, or that food porn browsing , or simply creating something awesome in the kitchen. I worked for wonderful companies like Amdocs, Oracle, InMobi till 2013, had beautiful experiences, took a break due to health and personal commitments, ventured into my own Baking Business, Pinch of Happyness. Then Food Tech was in a boom, and i had the opportunity to get a taste of it, by setting up the operations of InnerChef in Bangalore. I had to step back again due to health limitations, and take up a tech role. Life is such, and i cannot be happier to come back and shape The Food Saga, my long time dream. 

The Food Saga, earlier Chatkhor happened in 2008 when i was just married, was in between a job switch, and i had already struggled a lot with cooking for a few years, all i had from my mom was a hand written recipe for the perfect sambhar. Chatkhor was a place where i could try and recreate her tastes and not forget the tricks i had discovered in the journey. In the process, the blogosphere became my friend, and i wanted to be a part of it, and record ammas recipes and my further foray into world cuisines.

Food gets me curious, wanting to learn new techniques and help others make cooking easy and enjoyable for others makes me happy. And hence, Chatkhor, that is Me, transformed to The Food Saga, focussing on 3 verticals we are very passionate about.

  1.  A recipe discovery and sharing platform, focussing on food in an Urban Indian Kitchen, helping you learn and cook food thats tasty and also healthy.  We do the groundwork on discovering the delicious recipes from our generations above, or the master chefs around us, learn the recipes, test it in our kitchen and bring it to you as simple and easy recipes.                                                              
  2. A Food discovery platform, with a focus on bringing the best ingredients to you from the best sources. As we believe that the soul of a good recipe is in the right ingredients. Like the best chole masala from Chachas in Delhi, to the secret ingredient to get that perfect dilli wale rajma, or be it bringing your favorite snack from your books of nostalgia back to you. Shop for these at nominal prices, and discover the joy of perfect food.                                                                                                   
  3. A Food Learning Platform, where we bring carefully crafted workshops to you, be it handholding you to start your baking journey, or learning the craft of regional cuisines from the experts themselves. And then who doesn’t like a good story.  

Garg , my resident taster and tester being the biggest foodie i know, remains my companion in all experiments and eat outs. Gets me back on track if i go astray, or i get stuck with something too technical. Me being the vegetarian , i live the other side of the world through him and i love it, maybe someday i will convert! 

I am lucky to have Aparna Jha as a constant support to improve things, be it content, or photographs, and who takes time to click amazing pictures for most drinks, and others whenever i bug her. She has the art of making the food speak to you, and her pretty styling makes TFS so much more beautiful. You can checkout her pictures here

I love creating and sharing recipes keeping the Urban Indians in mind. Theres so much to explore, and if i can do the groundwork for you, it’s my pleasure, making cooking easy and enjoyable for others makes me happy.

  • So if you have tried one of our recipes, we would love to hear back from you, please leave your feedback in the form of comments, likes, shares and comments are the best motivators anyday.
  •  If you want us to find an easier version of some recipe, shout out, and we would be happy to help. Write to me at contact@thefoodsaga.com.
  • If you want a custom workshop, on cooking or baking or anything that you want me to design for you, Write to me at contact@thefoodsaga.com.

You can follow me on your favorite social networking platform using the handle @thefoodsaga.






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