Moradabad : A wedding and Food!

“Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairy tale.. “
Yeah such is the beauty and purity of love.. Flies you into a fairy tale every now and then.. And you start loving life all over again, as dramatic as it may sound, such is d impact love and marriages do to me.. Its heart warming to see how a ceremony like marriage unites two souls eternally in a blanket of faith , love , responsibility and togetherness.
Last night i was witness to yet another marriage, well a part of it, we attended a colleagues marriage in Moradabad, a beautiful, desi UP style marriage, with a star attraction, a band box reminding you of emotional attyachar from dev D, singing songs ranging from aj mere yaar ki shadi hai to mere desh ki dharti sona ugle, yes you heard me right, he sang that in d baraat, and it was one song with the maximum footfalls, and d mot insane dances. You witness something like this and you believe, life is so much fun, if u love some people, enjoy in their happiness, and want to make them happy, everything around you is beautiful. No kidding on that again. 
My favorite part in the wedding is when the girl enters the whole scene, the confusions but sheer happiness in her eyes is unbeatable, and the pride with which the groom welcomes her, no words but the bond has been created then and there. I totally love that moment.
Not to forget in between this trip i managed to have some yummylicious dilli style bhel outside the city centre mall in gurgaon, i got nostalgic about the DR college bhel from DU days , but i loveeed it with that extra dose to onions and peanuts. 
I wanted to go to this marriage coz, a), this particular colleague of ours is dear to me, b) i didn’t want to lose the opportunity to add another city to my life’s travelogue.  The moment the plans finalized, i did a quick check in my favorite foodie group, Chef at Large, and i was yet again amazed by the response, people giving me beautiful suggestions, and to top it our very own Prachi, the moradabad ki ladki , telling me the best of foodie hits i should not miss in moradabad! I could not manage the time to try out anything mentioned, but did experience a bit of the food there as part of the snacks and mini munchers in the wedding, and bouy i enjoyed it, to the extent that i didnt have anything called main course 😀
A Sneak peak into Moradabads speciality snacks which made my day night!
The all time famous, moradabad ki moong dal, a generous serving of butter, well cooked moong dal, some lime, some crushed roasted red chilli, some onions and some chat masala and voila, a lip smacking thingie ready to tickle your tastebuds.  

Then some chole chawal with a twist. Some hari chutney, some methi chutney, onions, and some ghee, you would not believe what just got created on your plate.

A very simple aloo matar paneer, sookhe aloo, matar paneer, with a hint of lemon and raw tomatoes, gives it a beautiful tang.

Good old, cheela, but a moong dal cheela, a up take on the good old dal dosai, pessarattu.

Makki ki roti with white butter and gud and saag. Aaah it was heaven. And end the chilly winter night with some badam milk topped with some malai, awesomeness, i had 3 glasses of that milk!

No shadi is complete without the shadi ka ladoo, and their shadi ka mithai was awesome, we have completed most of it! and havent had enough of it, one of the best moti choor laddoo, pinni, and 2 kaju ke pede, what bliss, and not to forget d famous dry fruits dal mooth. And the holiday has just begun!

Day 10 of our December Marathon Blogging 😀 We are going strong, check us out here , and the post [Blog Love [10-12-12] – Day 10 – Monday] for what the others were upto today.

What not to miss in Moradabad : 

  • Aalo tikki at Shyam Lal Chaat Bhandar or at Gunj Gurhatti
  • Multani chhole at Gunj Gurhatti
  • Singhara halwa at Gunj Gurhatti
  • Paati Ram Til Ladoo, Gajak at Mandi Chowk
  • Sitaram (Bhola) ka barf at Mandi Chowk
  • Ganj Gurhatti pey chaat
  • Sungadh Sweets key crunchy white rasgulla, misri peda, badam milk, pineapple pastry, namkeens, nariyal barfi,rasbhari in small cups, 
  • Baburam sweets ki gulab jamun,samosa and Jalebi of desi ghee, 
  • Chadha complex Opp to Sugandh ki moong ki daal, 
  • Katra Naaj entrance from Budh Bazaar key pakorey 
  • Townhall ki fish fry, 
  • Taste. Sweets ki sponge barfi
  • Mandi Chowk Sarrafa Market ki Malai Baraf, 
  • Harpaal Nagar key desi ghee key paneer waley samosey 
Thanks Prachi and Siddharth for most of this info! 
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