10 Kitchen Gadgets and Hacks you Wish you Knew Before !


I have been wanting to do this post for so long now. If the main thing that keeps you from happily cooking meals is that it just takes too long or gets too clumsy or it feels complicated enough to give you a headache, try these amazingly smart and cool gadgets to make your life easier. 


1. Herb Scissor.

A stainless steel herb scissor, this 5 blade scissor with a blade comb will be your answer to chop your garnish in a whim. And so perfect that you would want to show it off every now and then. Use it to chop coriander for garnish, spring onions for salads or omelette, fresh herbs for pastas or garnish, and get perfect ‘finely chopped’ experience. If you like gadgets, here’s a manual herb grater / grinder

kitchen-mat2. Vinyl Shelf Liner.

Get rid of the messy newspaper liner for your kitchen shelves and drawers, use these anti slip liners, easy to cut and put in place, very durable, easy to wash, and also available in many colours. 

cling-film-cutter  3. Cling Film Cutter

   Never struggle with your cling film again, these are very effective, works like    magic, so handy, looks neat, i don’t need to tell you more right? Why are          clings used? Used extensively in baking, when a dough is left to rise, i also                                                  cover my herbs with this.

roti-rumal4. Roti Rumal

These roti rumals were always used to line your chapatis in the casserole to keep your rotis softer and last longer. But do you get bugged with slipping chaklas, while rolling rotis. You can use these as a anti slip grip base below your chakla, while rolling your rotis, to keep them steady. 


oil-brush    5. Oil Brush

     This oil brush with bottle is such a blessing, for basting, for oiling your tawa        before omlette, and the bestest for parathas! Yes all my friends are a fan of      this idea, and you will love it too. I like these other two options too, this                oil spray bottle, or also this Two way oil dispenser and sprayer. I just use a          silicon brush, but i have gifted these to people and it works brilliantly. 

knife   6. Best Kitchen Knife

  This Victorinox knife is favorite for years, and now a favorite for my mother       in law, and aunts and a few friends. And also my house helps, they literally       blush when they use this knife, not kidding, use it, and you will never look for  another knife for your day-to-day chopping needs. For finely chopped onions,  or tomatoes, or cucumbers for salad, this is a life saver, and makes chopping  a pleasure. 

strainer-bags    7. Strainer Bags

   These strainer bags, set of 30 bags, are multipurpose, for storing cleaned          herbs, or cut veggies in the refrigerator, or also to strain curd to make hung        curd, or for homemade paneer, or also leftover small quantities of veggies,        like beans and slices of capsicum, that you save to be used in upma or              omelette or anything similar. 

corn-kerneler   8. Corn Kerneler

   This one step corn kerneler removes all corn kernels in one swift motion. Also    mess free, what else do we want in our kitchen, happy cooking, and the less      mess the better. Half the times we avoid our favorite food, worrying about the    mess associated with prepping it, and hence go for frozen corns etc, These        tools hence helps. 

pomegranate-seed-extractor  9. Pomegranate Seed Extractor

  This seed extractor is a cool gadget for the ones who hate the strainy mess       while having their favorite pomegranate juice, looks cool right, try it for               another mess free experience. 

bag-releaser  10. Bag Resealer

   This super cool Bag resealer is a pretty interesting gadget to have, to seal all the open packets or snacks or salt or chai patty. I feel its way easier than those 10s of seal clips that are all around our drawers, either kept well, or not found when required, or you go short of just one of those days, this is a neater and smarter solution in such cases. 

Yes me and my husband are Amazon gadgets junkies, but hope that this helps you in some of your kitchen pain points. If this helped you in some way, and if there is some other hack gadget you want us to add to this list, please leave a comment or write us to contact@thefoodsaga.com, we always look forward to hear from you. 

** All images are taken from Amazon from the respective product page. 

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